Wednesday, 13 January 2016

How Can I Convince My Husband To Buy Me A Cute Panda

I want to convince my husband for buying me a cute panda but I do not know how? Can somebody provide me some suggestion.

Hi to all of you. As I said in my first post that I will share everything related to my life on this blog. So here it is. I want to buy a cute panda soft toy for me. I do not know why but I feel connected to panda, And I just love soft toys. But I am unable to convince my husband or say I feel shy telling him about this.

I think he will laugh out loud on me and that is why i can not tell these to my husband. I want panda since I saw it on Flickr. I don't know why I desperately want it. But I just want it. I think when I hug to such soft toy I feel so relaxed and it gives me happiness.

But the problem is how to tell these to my husband.

If you have any solution or advice than please share it with me through comments.

And please do not make fun of me. May be someday your wife or husband also have the same love for any other materialistic thing.

Please if any other ladies or gents reading these post than do share your opinion with me otherwise there will be no sense of writing these post.

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  1. Frankely Ask him to get it one as simply you like it..reason may be you feel it cute to keep it & By keeping it you fell happy..and ask him if you are happy in keeping, is not he happy considering you being happy

    1. Wow. Excellent. I think It is the great way to ask him because I think it is his duty to keep me happy as a husband. You just sorted out this problem in simple way. Thanks for answering.

    2. U r welcome..

    3. When you developed love towards soft toys..and as you said u r desperate to buy it,and hugging makes u to feel relaxed & happy

    4. I had one soft toy of mickey mouse before i got married and i left it at my home when i started living with my husband after marriage since than i miss that one and one day when i was doing some online shopping than i saw that CUTE PANDA and my desire of having it grew up.