The Best Way To Deal With Annoying Neighbors

Today I want to share my experience of dealing my annoying female neighbor. A situation where I took actions according to my husband's advice.

The Best Way To Deal With Annoying Neighbors
The Best Way To Deal With Annoying Neighbors

Neighbor’s behavior

I live in a flat with my husband and brother in law. And there are two flats on each floor. And there is another family that lives on the same floor. They have two daughters.

Now the problem is their behavior. Lady is typical housewife and so much insecure. She likes to peep in other's personal life.

Her attitude is like whatever happens in our building, she will be the first person who will have all the information mostly wrong. Seriousness and truthfulness of any matter or situation does not matter for her.

She will tell you with her own perception does not matter you want to know or not. Sometimes it makes us so irritating that you just want to run away from her but you can't.

She is like a person who is good in front of you and devil on your back. Perhaps that is called bitching.

One day I thought she thinks good for me but from my neighbors I get to know that she was saying so many bad things about me. So it is her behavior.


Today's situation is like she was at her birth village for 5 days and today she returned. I did not know it that she has returned and I was on my way to my coaching class.

And when I returned what I see was she was at ground floor and talking to other flat members about me.
I was shocked to see her but I went ahead to greet her and ask about her journey.

But the moment I ask these she suddenly told me " Kya Bhabhi, don't you have time for neighbors, it seems like you are too busy! Don't be such busy otherwise no one will talk about you".

I was shocked; I did not even talk her and said anything and the moment I went to talk with her she replied in such way like I was shocked.

And there were various comments that she made that were totally nonsense.

Well I replied firmly and smartly and the impact was all the ladies that were supporting her first later they were all supporting me.

Read below to know the solution that my husband taught me to deal with such type of persons.


Solution was very simple I told her truth that why I was so busy.

I told her what I do from morning to evening and evening to night and talked about my busy schedule in a way like it does not bother her and make her feel like insulted and ignored.

I said "Yeah now a days I am so busy because examinations are near and I need to give more attention to my students along with I manage all those works that you do as well in your home. Along with I also help my husband in his work related to software and other computer related work that is why I am so busy but anyway somehow I exclude time to greet other like right now I am doing with you"

And all the ladies who were with her and supporting her now was talking about me like “She is good at managing multiple things and we need to learn from her" This is what I heard from another neighbor later at night.

So I think if there is a person around you who talks too much about you without knowing you than the perfect solution will be:-
  1. Greet her firmly and respond the same way you do before. Don't make her feel that you are affected.
  2. If she says you are too busy than show her in more detail that why are you so busy and you like being busy.
  3. Don't react too much and this type of attitude will make her realize that she is wrong.
  4. Remember one thing: - You will get what you will give, so give love and respect and receive it in response.
  5. May be at first this does not work but it is only perfect and permanent solution for such type of person.

Your comments matters for me a lot

  • What do you think? Did I handle her wrong way? 
  • How you would deal such person?
  • Please answer in comments and we will discuss it in detail.
  • Seriously waiting for your comments,

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