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11 Compliments to Tell Your Daughter Many Times, Besides Being Beautiful

Although every day we see more women in positions and jobs that were previously only occupied by men, there is still much to advance and open way for more women to follow their dreams and have the freedom to be what they want to be. To do this, we must continue fighting against the stereotypes that are still in force, and which we must eradicate from an early age and especially, from home.
11 Compliments to Tell Your Daughter Many Times, Besides Being Beautiful
11 Compliments to Tell Your Daughter Many Times, Besides Being Beautiful

Therefore, and inspired by a recent interview with Mamta Dave , in which she invites us to keep track of how many times we say to our daughters "pretty" instead of "list", we have decided to create and share suggestions of compliments to tell our daughters, because they are so much more than just their appearance or exterior .

Why should not we just tell her that she's pretty

Mainly, because we must stop educating our daughters to think that the only or most important thing is physical beauty . In this way we began to teach them from small the value of other things that are more attached to the girls and women that they are, and what they may be in the future.

Also, in this way we teach them from small to have the ability and ability to do the same as men , and that being female is not limiting to pursue their dreams and be what they want to be.

Of course, the words we share are just a few suggestions from the many we can tell you , and each one chooses the one that is most in keeping with the personality of their daughters and that highlights those great qualities and characteristics they have.

Compliments to tell your daughter many times

1. List

Let's start our suggestions with the word that Mamta Dave recommends: list. A smart person is one who is quick, astute, skillful and also practical, who knows how to act and resolve situations in a very natural way.

2. Strong

This is one of my favorites to tell my 2 year old daughter. And we usually say it to children in relation to their physical abilities, but our daughters are also strong women , capable of doing everything they set out to do.

3. Brave

Courage is a quality that goes hand in hand with strength, but that lies more in the emotional and personal aspect. It is about the ability and the courage to dare to do things and trust that we can do them .

4. Smart

It could be confused with "list", but intelligence refers to the knowledge one has about one or more topics. By telling our daughters that they are smart, we encourage them to keep learning, knowing and discovering more about different topics.

5. Talented

All people have a talent, for some it is more evident than others, but that does not mean that we do not have it. Let's help our daughters find theirs, develop it and remind them how talented they are for that skill or characteristic they have .

6. Creative

Creativity is a typical characteristic of childhood, but sometimes over the years we lose. As parents we must find a way to continue stimulating and motivating that creativity , recognizing when it becomes present in the different activities of our daughters.

7. Friendly

Kindness opens many doors, says the saying. It is one of the essential values ​​that we must instill as parents to our children, but it is also a very beautiful quality in people . Every time our daughters do something kind, let's make sure to recognize it.

8. Interesting

It may not be a common compliment, but it is certainly one that can do a lot for the safety and self-esteem of people. By saying that someone is interesting we not only recognize the things that make them unique and special , but we also show that it is someone who is enjoyed listening and with whom it is pleasant to converse.

9. Able

Sometimes, we doubt that we are capable of doing certain things, when we have the capacity to do them. By telling our daughters that they are capable, we remind them that they can achieve and fight for the things that are proposed .

10. Assertive

Assertiveness is the ability to express ideas, rights or opinions in a clear and sincere way, but without harming others or hurting them in doing so. An assertive person knows what he wants and how to ask or say it , but always being cautious and kind towards others.

11. Happy

And finally, because it is also a very important part of being a confident and safe person, do not forget to tell your daughter that she is happy (and of course, help her to be happy ). Let's work to help them develop their abilities, but let's not forget that being happy is not only about the success we have, but about how satisfied we are with ourselves and our lives .
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