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How to Protect Babies and Children from The Cold: 7 Keys to Cope with Winter

During the cold season, we have the opportunity to do different fun family activities that we may not be able to do during the summer. In addition, in the northern hemisphere we have to go through the Christmas season and fill ourselves with the illusion and magic it brings.
How to Protect Babies and Children from The Cold: 7 Keys to Cope with Winter
How to Protect Babies and Children from The Cold: 7 Keys to Cope with Winter

However, sometimes the temperature can drop too low, which requires that we take some measures to feel comfortable. We share tips to protect babies and children from the cold in seven keys to cope with winter .

Coat them correctly

As we all know, the basics is to change the light summer clothing for more abrigadoras Warm and garments to help us not get too cold. It is important to entertain babies and children correctly , avoiding the lack of shelter but also excess , as the latter could cause discomfort and even sweat, which can be harmful at this time.

Remember that babies should wear only one more layer of clothing than we adults wear, while children should be wrapped like we do, preferably in layers to put on or take off more or less as required.

Have a warm atmosphere at home

The heating dries up the environment, which can affect the throat and nasal passages, which could aggravate respiratory diseases. To prevent the environment from drying out, we can use small containers with water or environmental humidifiers .

Similarly, it is important not to raise the heating too much, because if it were cold outside the house, changes in temperature could affect us. It is best to put it in such a way that we are comfortable but avoid going through a very sudden change of temperature when leaving home .

Change the bedding

In addition to warm them properly and maintain a warm environment at home, during the winter season it is advisable to change the bedding, removing those light and fresh fabrics, and giving preference to warmer ones, choosing plush blankets and light quilts, which warm up but not too heavy .

Outdoor rides yes, but with caution

Although it does not mean that we should stay indoors, during the winter it will be preferable to leave during the hours when the sun is higher and less cold , so enjoy family outings before the temperatures drop too low.

Hydrated skin

Something very important that we must take care of during the cold season is the skin of babies and children , because theirs is more delicate and thin than ours, so it is important not to neglect it and take certain measures to protect it .

In addition to warm them properly and avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures, it is important to keep your skin moisturized with a suitable moisturizer for your age , especially the most exposed areas and do not forget to moisturize your lips to prevent cracks from appearing.

Comfort food and drinks

An effective way to help us warm up during cold days is to consume hot or lukewarm foods and drinks . It is an ideal time to enjoy comforting foods such as stews, broths and soups (this of course, when children are already eating solids). As for the drinks, we can offer the children a glass of warm milk or water that we have also warmed up a little.

Play and activate

And finally, one of the best ways to combat the cold is by moving and activating a bit . Exercising as a family or an activity that involves a lot of movement, such as dancing or participating in an active game, will help us to get warm and to spend better days with low temperatures.

We hope that these tips to protect babies and children from the cold help you to cope with the winter in a better way and can enjoy this beautiful season of the year as a family.
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