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Artistic Way to Decorate a Dirty, Old and Rented 1bhk

One of the most artistic way to decorate a dirty and old rented 1 BHK. 

Artistic Way to Decorate a Dirty, Old and Rented 1bhk
Artistic Way to Decorate a Dirty, Old and Rented 1bhk

Today I am going to share a little story when I used to live in Indore.

My husband was working in Indore in a private software company. After the 7 month of marriage I went to Indore. At that point of time, we couldn't find a better room so we had to adjust in a 1 BHK that was a very old but in a very secure Colony.

Our priority was safety because my husband used to go to work and I had to live alone. So we decided to stay with that room.

So we had to decorate it so it looks new and fresh. And in the below image you can see one example of it how we managed to do it.

1. Curtain made of drawing sheet

Here we made a curtain out of drawing sheet. In the first part of image you can see the condition of window before our experiment. And the decorated window in the later part of the image.

Do you find it interesting?

Well it worked for us for 3 to 4 months than we had to make another one.

We didn't but new curtains because we had to switch to another better home and in that dilemma, how 1 year passed we couldn't even know.

curtains made of drawing sheet
curtains made of drawing sheet

2. Paper butterflies

We made paper butterflies with the help of colorful papers. We made total 6 butterflies.

You can find "How to make paper butterfly" on YouTube. Its easy and creative.
paper butterfly
paper butterfly

3. Handmade Guitar

We made this guitar out of a big box.
First we made cut out of guitar from a cardboard box and than used colorful glitter paper to cover it.
It was not that easy I must say.
But hard work always pays.

card box guitar
card box guitar

4. Birds

You can see some black birds on the wall.
That was also very easy to make.
Take black drawing sheet, Make drawing of birds and cut them out of sheet and stick it to the wall.
It was that easy.

Isn't it looking beautiful?
Birds made out of drawing sheet
Birds made out of drawing sheet

5. Frame and dancing girl

Ok! If those birds were pretty and easy than you will like these girl as well.
We made these frame using black sheet.
It is very tough and you have to be very cautious while taking measurements.
Thanks to my husband who is good at these type of things,
Than for the girl, Take pink drawing sheet, Make a drawing of dancing girl and than cut it out.

For skirt:-
Take a butter paper and stick it to the cut out. That's it.
We purchased some glitter dots and it is very cheap for other decorations and it was ready.
paper frame
paper frame
So these were all the things that I made to decorate my old rented 1BHK home. It was a good experience.

What do you think?
Do you have any creative Idea?
Share it with us in comments.
I am waiting for your comments.
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