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Depression in New Year: How To Start The Happiest Year

The increase in cases of depression at Christmas is still alarming . Christmas dates can cause serious imbalances in our emotional balance and lead us to suffer some emotional disorder, such as depression.

Depression in New Year: How To Start The Happiest Year
Depression in New Year: How To Start The Happiest Year
One of the key dates that depress us the most is the New Year and we have wondered why and how we can avoid it.

We have the answers to know everything about that New Year's depression and we also have the remedies to avoid it. So this year, we will start it on the right foot .

With such a good intention that New Year's Day will be as full of joy and happiness as in the rest of the year. We give you the keys to a happy New Year .

Reasons for depression in New Year

The reasons for that sadness so characteristic of Christmas are very varied, from nostalgia for the past to economic frustration, through the absence of loved ones.

Therefore, by the time we arrive on New Year's Eve or, after a moment, the New Year, we do it already loaded with a huge backpack of sadness and regret.

In addition, the New Year is the key date for counting the year we just spent.

If we evaluate the year with a negative attitude, we will check the number of times that we have failed, the purposes that we have not fulfilled, the problems that we have not been able to face or the many objectives that we have not achieved.

From that point of view, it is normal for us to fall into a depression.

Of course there is another way to evaluate the year that has passed, but that is very difficult when reality is distorted by the pessimism and negativity of a depressive state.

Still, let's try. We are going to try to make the New Year a key date of optimism that marks the rest of the year.

Happy New Year

It is no more realistic to think negative than to do positive. On the contrary, thinking positive can bring us a little closer to our reality, taking into account the power of our attitude to transform things. And when we are convinced that things are going well, the result is that things are going better.

In this way, on New Year's Day we will do a very different review of the year that has passed.

We have no obligation to prepare a list of New Year's resolutions if we tend not to comply.

But we can make a list of the happy situations we have experienced in this last year: the kisses we have given, the hugs that have given us, the permanence of our smile on the lips, the situations that have made us laugh,  interesting people that we have met and also the wonderful people we already knew and are still there.

This more positive way of counting the previous year will help us face the New Year more strongly . Optimism to face 356 days of problems ?, yes, but also of joys. Happy New Year.

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