How to Celebrate Christmas 2019 with A 0-6 Month Baby

The Christmas 2019  is very close, and if you recently became a mother, will certainly be a wonderful time to enjoy with your baby. You will have more free time during these holidays, you can take advantage to stimulate your baby. A stimulus-rich environment helps the baby develop his abilities . Contact with parents, family siblings is very important to help the baby develop. What better time than Christmas to stimulate the baby ?
How to Celebrate Christmas 2019 with A 0-6 Month Baby
How to Celebrate Christmas 2019 with A 0-6 Month Baby

Having a baby at home during Christmas is undoubtedly one of the best experiences for him as well as for parents and family who care for the newborn. During Christmas, in  addition to gifts, lights and parties, you can take the opportunity to help your baby practice new skills, and start encouraging him to develop them.

We give you tips to make the best use of Christmas with your baby depending on their age until the year.


Take advantage of the free time you have during Christmas days to start doing some gentle gymnastics with the baby, help him flex his elbows and knees.

Raise your baby and play “up and down” in a gentle way, raise it and then descend, without sudden movements so that baby does not panic, do it as a game.

There are Christmas gifts for babies that stimulate their development, baby gyms, and blankets of activities help to stimulate your baby, leave baby on the blanket face down and you will see that baby tries to lift the head, it is beginning its learning, enjoy watching how Your baby discovers the world.

For the baby your voice is something magical , remember baby was listening to your voice for many months when he was inside you, your voice calms you and makes him feel safe.

Play with your baby , there is no greater gift for him, the game is a learning place where the baby learns and evolves with the game . Call him by his name, baby will begin to distinguish that his name is a "special" word for him. In the stroller or in your cuckoo place, keep some soft toys with different textures that the baby tries to grab. They can have sounds and different colors, babies love to experiment! so that it also bets on this type of toys as Christmas gifts.

At this age they are still too young to understand why the lights, or the ornaments, may even feel overwhelmed in family gatherings. Try to take his nap time, take his food at the time, avoid your baby going from arm to arm of the family. Surely it is everyone's "toy" but we don't want to stress the baby.

On the other hand, do not leave the baby alone for a long time, it is very good for the baby to be with his family, listen to voices, feel activity around him. Let your baby enjoy this christmas if he is awake and at ease in meetings, joy and meeting with family and friends, this stimulates the perceptual abilities of the baby.

At home, dress him so that he is comfortable, not with clothes that oppress him,  warm him up if you go for a walk away from home, but remember baby shouldn't be overwhelmed and also avoids conglomerations of many people. Not only because it will be overwhelmed but because it can end up infected with a virus. He thinks that at Christmas people do their shopping, go to the cavalcade of kings, and all that causes having more people around us, the baby is an easy target for viruses.