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I Am Ashamed To Eat And Drink In Public: Tricks To Overcome Shyness

There are people who have highly developed social skills and are handled in public with great ease and naturalness. But not everyone is like that. There are shy , insecure or people who are suffering from a social phobia problem for which interacting with other people can be torture.

I Am Ashamed To Eat And Drink In Public: Tricks To Overcome Shyness
I Am Ashamed To Eat And Drink In Public: Tricks To Overcome Shyness
And what about the shame of eating and drinking in public ? You may try to avoid it, but in the end your fear will limit your life to a point that you cannot imagine now.

Quiet! In Pratibha Mod blog we are going to give you some tricks to overcome shyness that can be of great help. Attentive!


  1. Why are you ashamed to eat and drink in public?
  2. Tricks to remove shame to eat and drink in public
  3. Why are you ashamed to eat and drink in public?

You never stay for lunch or dinner with your friends, much less on those first love dates because you are very embarrassed to eat and drink in public.

We understand you because this is the problem that many people may find strange, is quite common.

You get nervous just thinking that you have to go to eat somewhere, you think you will throw the glass of wine or that you will not know which cover is appropriate.

You also think that you will have too much anxiety trying not to notice that you are nervous to eat, drink and talk in the same situation .

So you may go, but you'll stay so quiet that you're going to make a fool of yourself.

And that we are talking about friends, if we put ourselves in the example of a working meal, the situation already acquires dyes of emotional tragedy.

Don't punish yourself anymore.

Shame about eating and drinking in public is frequent and has different reasons.

It can happen because you are a shy person and that fills you with insecurity, because you are not used to those social situations and they give you some fear, because you are suffering from a period of low self-esteem or because you have some complexes that affect your way of relating.

Or it may be social phobia , that anxiety and that panic to be in social situations in which you think you can be judged , examined, criticized or ashamed.

What can go wrong?

 Eating and drinking are natural activities, but when anxiety catches you, any act becomes an escalation to Everest. Quiet, we can overcome it.

Tricks to eliminate the shame of eating in public

The good news is that you can overcome this shame to eat and drink in public, even if you don't expect a miracle to happen overnight.

Training social skills and gaining confidence in yourself takes time and effort and if it is social phobia, the ideal is to go to the psychologist to ensure a healthy and lasting improvement over time. But let's start with the simplest.

+ You can train this activity, that of eating in public, with your closest friends. With your best friend at the beginning and then you add more trustworthy diners to the list. Do not hesitate to tell them your problem, your shame or your fear, friends can also help you.

+ When you go out to eat, ask for simple foods that you don't run the risk of staining , for example. If you have a chance, think before you go what you are going to ask, so you will have a less worry.

+ Take care of your internal dialogue. Surely you are calling everything in your head, that you are thinking that you are not useful for this or even that you are not worth anything.

When your mind begins to speak to you badly, change your attention so as not to eat with the conviction that you are going to make a fool of yourself.

+ You can usually do visualization exercises. Imagine eating in public with many people and feeling relaxed, cheerful, festive, just as the situation invites. Imagine that scene so much until you end up believing it.

+ In any case you will have to work to improve self-esteem , not only to be able to eat in public with peace of mind, but for many other social situations and, especially, to overcome that insecurity to be judged by others.

Remember that you can do many things for yourself to improve your self-esteem and your emotional state, but when your problems, shame, fears or complexes affect your daily life, the best option is to go to the psychologist to help you.

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