Love Letter In New Year: 365 Days of Love

Love letter in New Year: 365 days of love. Start the year demonstrating love for your partner.
As this Christmas we are determined to enjoy, to be happy not to overwhelm us and not leave a minute to nostalgia, we have thrown the house out the window and we have made a very special New Year's purpose : We want 365 days of love, laughs and happiness . And we will get it.

Love Letter In New Year: 365 Days of Love
Love Letter In New Year: 365 Days of Love

We know that we can be happy without a partner, but it is not a matter of breaking a relationship that is going through certain problems just to avoid conflicts. Relationship problems are faced and solved, they do not hide under the carpet.

So we have prepared a love letter with a lot of optimism and with a lot of love to resolve any conflict of coexistence, any loving misunderstanding or any mismatch of interests that a couple may have. This year is going to be a year of love and we are going to start it with this love letter in the New Year.

Sample love letter in New Year

Happy year love:

This year I want to get off to a good start and I want you to be with me in this endeavor too. That's why I write this love letter , which hides one of those classic New Year's resolutions. I want both of us to be happy . Together. That is the main objective that I have set for this year, but to get it I need you to support me in this.

I know how much you love me, that there is an amount similar to what I love you. But in recent months it seems that love is not enough. We have not lived our best moment as a couple, I know. But I also know that I love you madly and that we will succeed. Because we love each other and because we are going to try. The doubts remained in the old year.

This New Year, I am sure that we both want each other to be together, that we can overcome our differences and that it is worth a life with you despite the disagreements. I am not going to ask this New Year not to discuss, I am going to ask for intelligence to positively resolve those discussions . And also, that reinforce us.

Because everything in this life is a matter of trying . That is something I learned last year and that I am going to put into practice this New Year. Effort and one goal in mind is all we need to enjoy and be happy. We have 365 days ahead to love us , to laugh and to dream. Do you want to spend them with me?

I love you

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