Tips to Celebrate Christmas with Your Baby

The first Christmas with your baby will be one of the most special for you. Are looking for the best way to involve him in the Christmas celebration? Than this tips work work for you.
Tips to Celebrate Christmas with Your Baby
Tips to Celebrate Christmas with Your Baby

Discover Christmas with your baby

The first thing is to be clear that everything your baby sees during the celebrations will not only be new, but extremely stimulating, so it is best to show things little by little.

In the first months of life the look of your child does not resemble yours. At that age, your child cannot see at a distance greater than 30 centimeters , so if you show him the ornaments, the tree or the birth you must bring it close enough so that he can distinguish the objects.

Remember also that the lights can be very bright and this can cause discomfort in your baby. Place dimmer or intermittent lights in your house so that the baby gets used to them and do not insist on showing them to your little one if you notice that it bothers him.

At Christmas it is also normal for parties to last late. However, you must respect your child's sleep schedule. In the first months babies sleep much more, which allows them to develop much faster. You must make sure that Christmas is not a reason for your son.

Another important stimulant for babies at Christmas parties is sound. The rocket blast, the uproar of the family and loud music can create an exaltation environment that your baby is not used to. Make sure you don't leave your baby alone during these moments so you can feel your peace and relax.

Slowly showing Christmas to your baby will not only reduce the stress that these parties can generate, but will make them much more fun.

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Keep your baby from the dangers of December

In addition to joy and family celebration, Christmas also hides some dangers for the little ones in the house. So taking some precautions to avoid any accident never ceases to be necessary.

  • Beware of small ornaments: Your child's curiosity is increasing every day. Seeing new objects in the house will call his curiosity. Avoid placing small ornaments on tables or places where your child can reach. Remember that just a moment is enough for your baby to take something in his mouth.
  • Fire alert:  Getting away from fireworks is a regulatory measure if there is a baby at home. Burning candles can also pose a danger because they attract the attention of babies. It is advisable to place it in high places or ideally: do without them. Caution is always the best.
  • The curiosity of the tree : The lights, height and ornaments of the Christmas tree are a very striking element of the house, so they also arouse the curiosity of your child. One option is to place it in a high place if possible. Another possibility is to enclose it between a protective fence so that your baby cannot access it.
  • Secure the cables: Installing the Christmas lights in your home can cause the cables to be within reach of children, so they can grab and pull them causing accidents. To reduce the risk use a single extension for all the lights and protect it with the same protective grille of the tree or hide it from the baby's sight.

Choose the best gift for the baby

Surely you want to work hard to choose your baby's first Christmas gift. To do this you must take into account the age of your child and review the offers in the market for the month in which your child is.

If your little one is under six months old, the most recommended are the gifts that arouse their curiosity as mobiles, stuffed animals or hypoallergenic pillows. Baby gyms are also successful when your little one starts moving his limbs.

No matter how many months you have, something that your baby will surely love are toys that make sounds and turn on lights.