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Diapers: Which Ones To Use At Each Stage Of The Baby

When we are going to become a mother for the first time, we have many doubts. One of the questions we ask ourselves most is about diapers. What diapers will my baby use at each stage?
Diapers: Which Ones To Use At Each Stage Of The Baby
Diapers: Which Ones To Use At Each Stage Of The Baby

When we go to buy diapers we will realize that there are many brands, models, and above all that there is a wide range of diaper sizes. In this post we want to help you answer your questions Therefore, we will tell you everything you need to know about diapers in this article.

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Diaper sizes

There are numerous types of diapers for babies. Normally to know what size your newborn will need, there is an equivalence between your baby's weight and the size he should use. However, keep in mind that it is an approximation and that if your baby fits a diaper of a size larger than the one that would correspond to it by weight, you should use that one. In India diapers comes with three ranges, Small, Medium and Large.

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The approximate equivalence is:

Stage 0: For newborn babies weighing less than 4 kilos or small.

Stage 1: For babies weighing between 4 and 7 kilos or medium.

Stage 2: For babies weighing between 5.5 and 9 kilos or medium.

Stage 3: For babies from 8 to 12.5 kilos or large.

Stage 4: For babies from 10 to 16 kilos or large.

Stage 5: For babies weighing more than 14 kilos or large.

Stage 6: For children over 16 kilos or large.

Most disposable diapers are governed by the baby's weight and age. Always remember if it is too thin it is also worth trying a smaller size, or if it is more plump in his lower area try a larger size. The goal is to avoid: spills or red marks on baby's skin when adjusting the diaper.

Baby care

On many occasions, especially in its first weeks of life, you can see that maybe the diaper is loose and for that reason there is some leakage. Do not worry, also in the first months babies defecate in liquid form. For this reason, it is essential to take care of the area with love and delicacy. The diaper will have to be changed constantly, and it is advisable to apply moisturizers after bathing.

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You will also notice that there are diaper brands that are not only classified by size and weight, but are also intended for the different activities that the baby develops. As there are those with higher or lower absorption capacities. This is because there are diaper brands that develop different night or day models. In general, diapers for the night have a higher degree of absorption, even exceeding 8 hours. However, it should be changed before.

Another important feature to keep in mind is that diapers are hypoallergenic . These help prevent chafing on our baby's skin. If we notice that the one we have chosen causes chafing it is better to change and try another brand.

When to change the baby's diaper?

This is another of the great questions that first-time moms and dads constantly ask themselves. In your first months of life your baby will need diaper changes very often. You probably need to change in every two hours , or even something less. So you probably have to use an average of between 8 and 12 diapers a day . From the fourth month, the frequency of change will decrease considerably and you will have to change it every three and a half hours or every six hours. The expense will then be about 6 or 8 diapers a day .

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Everything will depend on the growth rate of your baby and how his weight increases. For example, after six months of life they begin to be more restless and curious so that their ability to move increases. For this stage it is advisable to use lighter and more flexible diapers that allow a greater range of movement. After six months of age, your baby will need a diaper change every 5 or 6 hours.

How do I know that I choose the right diaper?

To check that the diaper you have chosen for your baby is correct and does not fit too tightly, insert one or two fingers between the diaper and the baby's body when it is closed . If you have trouble inserting your finger into the fold, your baby will need a diaper of a larger size. Keep in mind that if it is too tight, chafing may appear that can be quite painful. Therefore, it is also advisable to apply moisturizing creams on the folds so that the area is well hydrated.
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