Farewell Love Letter; The Most Beautiful Words To Say Goodbye

There are love stories that are impossible and you have to say goodbye to them.

In real life it doesn't happen like in Hollywood movies. It turns out that love cannot do everything and so we find impossible love, love stories that end badly due to factors outside the couple, or that end early. And other times, the love story does n't even begin. All these loves with an end deserve a beautiful love letter goodbye to the height.
Farewell Love Letter; The Most Beautiful Words To Say Goodbye
Farewell Love Letter; The Most Beautiful Words To Say Goodbye

We want to devote special attention to those loves that could not be, for whatever reason, because we did not have enough courage to risk ourselves, because although we loved him, he was hurting us or because we were in the wrong time and place.

For all those love stories that we had to leave half alive, for those loves that we still love, and for those men who will remain forever in our hearts but not in our lives, we have written several goodbye love letters . Get inspired by them to tell them to find the most beautiful words to say goodbye .


  1. Tips for writing a beautiful love letter to say goodbye
  2. 4 examples of goodbye love letters

Tips for writing a beautiful love letter to say goodbye

Before you start writing a beautiful letter to say goodbye to your great love, or to one of whom you had to say goodbye yes or yes, you have to take into account some advice. Thanks to them you can write with your own words everything you feel and vent once and for all with that person who, although in his day was everything, today is nothing.

-Think very well about everything you are going to say in your letter . It's not about writing random sentences, but about that person understanding the reason for parting and your deepest feelings.

-Do not get carried away by resentment . It is possible that your relationship has ended in the worst way, but still you should not write reproaches that will only make the situation worse. Remember that it is about speaking from the heart, never from resentment.

-Make test letters. Do not give that person the first letter you make, surely you have to rewrite it many more times until you find one with which you feel 100% comfortable.

-Take your time. It is not about making a letter quickly and running , but about expressing your own emotions on paper. And that, sometimes, is not easy nor is it something you have to do quickly ...

-Write in a place where you are calm, away from mobiles, computers and everything that can distract your attention.

-Think that this is the last time that you are going to address that person and that you will not see him or talk to him anymore. This way, you can say goodbye as you deserve.

-Reflect everything you feel , both good and bad, but always with good words. Do not use harmful phrases or words that will hurt the feelings of the other person.

-Do you want to end the relationship well? Or do you want to tell that person how good you are without her? Anyway, clarify your ideas before you start writing your letter.

-Send the letter to the address of that person better than give it. In this way, you will not expect it and you can play with the surprise factor .

In any case, in addition to these tips, below you can enjoy some models and examples of our own creation. In addition, you can read the 'Twenty love poems and a desperate song' by Pablo Neruda in the Universal Virtual Library , an example of goodbyes in love relationships. Attentive!

4 examples of goodbye love letters

1. love letter to say goodbye with your heart

Until forever heart,

Yes, this is a goodbye love letter . I can only write it to you because saying goodbye is impossible to me. I could not look at you again because I would lose myself in the color of your eyes, I could not speak to you again because I would be caught between your lips, so I leave now and I leave all my love in this letter .

You know well that this love story cannot have a happy ending , you know well that we are both going to suffer, and I have thought to say goodbye now that we still savor the happiness of loving each other. You also know that I have never loved anyone as I love you and I find it difficult to imagine that I will ever feel this love again. But I also say goodbye .

I'm not going empty. Sorry if I take your kisses, your caresses and your hugs. Sorry if I take the laughter and confidences. I also put in the suitcase the smell of your hair, the taste of your skin and the sound of your voice. All that took me to keep it as a treasure well inside my heart.

You can keep the memory of this love story that could not be, but it will be, in another time, in another life, of that I am sure. And I hope you understand this hasty goodbye, but inevitable , because I would like to stay forever in a corner of your heart.

I will remember you forever.

2. Say goodbye in a letter: the farewell we need

Hello Love,

This is the letter I never thought I would write , but the time has come. A love as beautiful as ours deserved a farewell at the height of how much we loved each other: for what we live together, for what we feel, for what we were ... The problem is that we are no longer.

Although I know we both need to separate, I have to admit that sadness invades me with every word I write. I can't get out of my head how in love we were one day. We were happy But you and I know that it is better to leave it before the clouds of wear shadow the rays of our happy memories.

Therefore, today I am going to tell you what I never dared to tell you: I had already imagined a life with you . Through my head have passed images of us educating our children, building a new home, walking our wrinkles along the beach ...

And yet, once again, life shows us how much it can change in a very short time. And now, we have to say goodbye.

Ours may not work anymore. But we have everything lived.

Maybe another way, but I will always love you.

3.Goodbye love letter and thanks

Until another my love,

Surely at some point we were happy, but I don't remember anymore . The disagreements have managed to erase the good memories from my head. But I think it is worth making a final effort for this end to reconcile us.

It may be a little late, but before I say goodbye, I think you deserve a thank you. We may not have been able to trace a relationship that had already been dragging along the ground for some time. But, as bad as we are now, I am still able to see your virtues and everything you have done for me.

Therefore, more than a farewell letter I wanted to write a thank you letter . I want to thank you for supporting me in bad times, even when we both knew we were still together because of the habit of loving each other. You were always courteous and loyal and I wanted to thank you for your honesty.

Thank you for teaching me how much you can get to love someone and how powerful can be the feeling of love. With you I learned to kiss the soul you want and understand the intimacy with the miserable brush of lips. I understood that to love you so much, before I had to learn to love me and you helped me to do it. Thank you because after this relationship my way of understanding love has changed almost as much as I grew during the relationship.

Despite the farewell , I get stronger than ours: with more confidence in myself and more desire to eat the world. I hope the same thing happened to you.

Because, despite everything, I wish you the best.

4. Letter to an unrequited love

To you,

With all the sorrow of my heart, I am writing this letter to tell you that I have finally dared. After a long time going blind, I realized that you are my unrequited love .

Unrequited love is usually understood as the one that never gets perpetuated, and we did see your own. However, despite the passion of our meetings, the messages received with sighs and my desire to see you again, you never corresponded to me. I have finally realized that we never look for them.

My most sentimental 'I' shouts out loud that I am content with what you are giving me. After all, you have never stopped being affectionate and having smiles for me. But, finally, I will think about my benefit and I will say goodbye.

This is not meant to be a farewell letter full of reproaches or reprimands, and if it seems so I ask you to forgive me . But I have given you enough time to show what you wanted from me and the result has been the least wanted to see.

I am aware that I will regret this decision and try to go back in time to return to your side. After all, I haven't stopped loving you yet. But I also know that this goodbye is very necessary . In the future I will be proud to have been able to separate from you on time .

Until forever, love.

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