Letter To 2020: Wish List For The New Year

At Christmas times the ancient custom of writing letters regains prominence. We write letters to Santa Claus and the Magi, we also write Christmas greetings , letters to apologize and even love letters.

But, sometimes, we forget that there is a recipient out there capable of making our dreams come true and it is the Universe.

Letter To 2020: Wish List For The New Year
Letter To 2020: Wish List For The New Year

Don't you also deserve a letter? We have a sample letter to 2020 with the best wishes for the New Year .

Sample Letter to 2020

Dear Universe:
We are about to enter a new year and wanted to renew our commitment to fellowship and teamwork. Maybe I've had you a little abandoned in recent months and I apologize; 

I have also abandoned myself, but you already know that. And now that 2020 is coming it seems like a good time to start from scratch, you and I working together to get all the wishes in this New Year .
How about? Do we give ourselves another chance?

Health wishes for the New Year 2020

For this 2020 I ask you for good health . I will do my part, I just ask you not to make things harder for me.
I will not make any list of New Year's resolutions that includes quitting smoking or going to the gym, but I can commit to a healthier lifestyle , to go for a walk (I may be encouraged to run throughout the year) and Have a balanced and healthy diet

I leave the rest to you, don't surprise me with any medical incident or illness.
But more than physical health, I'm worried about mental health

There are more and more people suffering from anxiety and depression problems and the truth is that in recent times I do not look fit in that regard. 

For my part I can be more interested in developing my emotional intelligence and I can even consider going to the psychologist so that the vital uncertainty does not drown me.
Think, please, what can you do to help me improve my mental health .

Desires for money for 2020

Are we talking about money, Universe? If you have the opportunity to lighten my load with a Christmas lottery prize , I thank you. But in reality it is not necessary, with which you slow down that labor instability in which we all move would be enough, that you already know that I do not need many material things.

I know that by 2020 I will also have to make some changes, such as having less superfluous expenses and organizing better with the economy . It may be a good time to train, re-study and find a better job, but there I also need your help. I take care to motivate myself, you can take charge of balancing the labor market.

Desires of love for 2020

Where is all that love I had to share? Help me bring it to light this year, Universe. Because one of my desires is to fall in love , to feel again the force of love , that force that makes me powerful and with which I feel happy. That magic that makes me see the world more friendly and beautiful. If you can't do it yourself, call Cupid, who can help you in this matter.

Of course I promise to do my part. To love myself, to be more generous, more understanding and more compassionate towards myself. To be less demanding and to stop trying to be perfect. I promise to love myself first , to know the kind of love I deserve and not accept anything else.
And finally, I ask you one more wish: to help me keep my dreams alive and my illusions intact . With this I consider myself happy. Thank you and see you in 2020 .
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