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When And How Can I Cut My Baby's Nails?

Many are first-time mothers and fathers who wonder " When and how can I cut my baby's nails ?" That's why we bring you this article telling you everything you need to know to cut your baby's nails. The first thing you have to keep in mind is that it is a difficult task that requires patience, and a lot of love.
When And How Can I Cut My Baby's Nails?
When And How Can I Cut My Baby's Nails?

When to cut my baby's nails?

You have to be clear that every baby is different. Sometimes they will be born with long nails, especially if their birth happens after the expected date of delivery. Or maybe, their nails are very short. Ideally, observe the growth of the nails and cut them when they leave the edge of the finger. Otherwise they can scratch your face by moving your hands.

From the first time you cut the baby's nails, you can cut the fingernails once a week and the toenails once a month. Well, the growth of the toenails is much slower than that of the hands. Similarly, you have to keep in mind that not all babies need to cut their nails with the same frequency, it will depend on the growth of their nails.

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What should I know before cutting my baby's nails?

First of all you have to keep in mind that babies' nails are usually very fragile and soft . In addition, they are very close to the fingers, in fact that will make it difficult for you to cut your child's nails. This happens since your baby has been in a liquid environment. But their nails will acquire more strength over time.

You also have to keep in mind that babies move a lot. So it is ideal that to cut the nails you choose a time when they are relaxed or even asleep. If you choose that moment in which he sleeps, you should be careful that he does not wake up, since if he makes an abrupt movement you can cut him unintentionally.

If you prefer to cut the nail while he is awake, than you can do it after the bath because at that time they are calmer. It is good that when you go to cut your baby's nails it becomes a hygiene routine so that he becomes familiar and when he grows up he does not get afraid at that moment. 

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How to cut my baby's nails?

First prepare an environment in which the baby is relaxed. Sit on your back or lie on a straight and comfortable surface. You must use a baby nail clipper or scissors to cut baby nails. They are specific items for this task.

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Ideally, you should cut your baby's nails at a height slightly above the edge of the finger. Avoid leaving a peak on the edges to prevent scratching or snagging on objects and fabrics. To check, after cutting the nails you can pass a cotton or gauze and see that the nail does not stick or hooked.

Keep in mind that you should keep your nails clean so that, in the event that it is scratched, the risk of infection decreases. Similarly, it meets the color of your nails. Normally, the nail is pink, with a small semicircle at the base of your nail. If you notice that it changes color, it is recommended that you consult with a pediatrician.
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