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Discover the Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Housewife

Discover the Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Housewife.

Discover the Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Housewife
Discover the Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Housewife

Recognized for being one of the oldest trades in the world, the term housewife  refers to a person who holds the reins in the home . Washing clothes, cooking, caring for the family and shopping at the supermarket are just some of the main trades.

Unlike any other profession or work, the person who works as a housewife does not receive remuneration for their services, despite their commitment and dedication. Its main objective is to maintain the home properly for the enjoyment of your family .

With the advance of the modern era, both women and men now play the role as housewives, thus becoming one of the trades that bring together a large number of people in the world.

We invite you to know from now on everything you need about what a housewife does.

What is the origin of housewives?

From the first moment the term “house” was established, a figure capable of meeting the requirements  she demanded became necessary . That is why this job was born, considered one of the oldest in the world.

Since the beginning of the first human generation, man has been considered as the being of greater strength, above the woman, capable of doing activities of greater rudeness. In the prehistoric era, the man's job was to go hunting and collect supplies for food, while the woman remained at home to take care of the children .

Based on the same concept, traditional society defines the housewife as a person who does activities that involve less effort .

What does a housewife do?

Although it seems a simple task, it is not. The term "housewife" refers to an appointment given to those women who are engaged in household chores . Being a housewife  is not a job that all people could develop. It requires some skills and abilities to be a good home professional.

And there  are many activities carried out daily by a housewife. To mention just a few, we can tell you that it is dedicated to keeping the house clean, cooking, ironing, helping children with homework, being aware of their partner's needs, etc.

Qualities of a housewife

If you decided to be a housewife, then we will discuss some skills that you should develop:

Unlike those who leave home to work daily, the person who stays at home has the mission of teaching children values ​​and principles of behavior , being aware of school work and even guiding and educating the couple.

There are many activities you must exercise to keep the home in perfect working order To do this, you must organize and become an apprentice to face the challenges of everyday life .

Know how to manage budgets
The housewife is responsible for the administration of the economy at home. To achieve this, you must act intelligently and set household priorities .

Being a good housewife requires effort and commitment. Putting these qualities into practice will allow you to achieve the stability you crave so much in your home.

Advantages of being a housewife

But being a housewife does not mean that you will only give to others, you will also be able to receive many benefits that are lost by those who spend the whole day in their workplaces. Among those benefits are:

You see the children grow up
The main satisfaction for a housewife is to be in all stages of children's growth. They manage to keep them well fed, are awaiting their tasks and guide them until they are already teenagers.

However, this does not happen in all cases. Today, many women, who used to be housewives by tradition, go to work and are exempt from spending time with their children. When you are a housewife you will have all the time in the world to dedicate  to your training.

More time
If there is something that housewives enjoy, unlike other people who work strict office hours is time. You have freedom to distribute household and personal activities.

You acquire new experiences
Thanks to the fact that you enjoy time for yourself, you can take courses  or activities that attract your attention and that you always dreamed of doing, but for lack of time you had not achieved it.

You can undertake
If you are a housewife, but you want to carry out that project that you are so passionate about. Then you can start it from the comfort of your home. If your thing is baking, crafts, etc., you can start your own project from home , in this way you will earn money and stay at home.

Although many times it can be exhausting, the work of a housewife is usually full of gratifications and, above all, the love of the whole family.

Disadvantages of being a housewife

Not everything is rosy. When you are a housewife you also experience certain situations that become cons. some of them are:

Lack of financial independence
Without a doubt, this is the main against the housewife, work and work hard at home and not receive a salary for their services . However, in this regard, the role of the couple must take action, which, as a home provider, must guarantee their couple a fair remuneration for their hours of dedication.

Some societies discredit the work of the housewife, ensuring that it is an “easy” job for anyone, causing in some cases the weakening of self-esteem .

If you are or want to be a housewife, you should put more weight on positive things than negative ones. For example, if you do not have a remuneration, take advantage of your freedom of time to set up your venture at home and gain economic independence. If people despise your work, do not pay attention, you must shield yourself emotionally against the comments of those who do not know the effort you make.

21st century housewives
For many years it was considered that women could only occupy a role as a housewife, thus prohibiting the development of a profession or trade independently. In the 21st century and thanks to new laws that protect women, their roles have changed . Many women now perform their duties at home but also, like men, have the right to a job .

For this reason, in some countries of the world every December 1 is celebrated the day of the housewife , date on which a tribute is paid to the women who make this commitment. This celebration has its origins in 1958, when an organization called League of Housewives decided to commemorate this day for all women who exercise this work every day.

Housewives are wives, mothers and workers at the same time. But they can also be husbands, fathers and hard working men. It is a work done with love  for the family. Therefore, we are committed to honor and dignify their efforts, because their work shows the development of the family nucleus.

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