How To Be An Imperfect Housewife And Not Die Trying

How to be an Imperfect Housewife and not die trying.

How To Be An Imperfect Housewife And Not Die Trying
How To Be An Imperfect Housewife And Not Die Trying

Hi girls, today I come with a very intimate reflection. If some of you have followed my blog, you will know that at the moment and for 3 years I have been working as a "Housewife". Not by my own will but because of the situations.

After spending some part of my life delivered to the baby and my online work, when I found myself at home dedicating myself exclusively to my family, I had the feeling that I was living in an unprecedented and unpleasant situation that was not going well with me as a person. At that time I witnessed the defection of my concerns, creativity and desire to prosper.

You go from being active to being part of an influential and idolized part of society that contributes nothing to the world of work. My life had been reduced to being a simple and inexperienced housewife. And eye !!!! When I say simple, I say it with the utmost respect.

For many women who, like me, have faced the crisis in the best possible way. Let's not fool ourselves that like our moms we will never be able to do it; with that delivery, with that professionalism and without questioning if they would not be better working outside the home.

For first-timers who have just started or those that have long been mired in a tireless emptiness, I would like to convey the wonderful concepts that cause you to feel "An Imperfect Housewife " with all the virtues that entails:

 - Try to fix yourself like take your baby to school as if you were going to work, you should leave the house like a brush (My husband sees me the same every day on days as on Saturdays)

- Stay with baby for breakfast, they are magical moments of laughter with themes that have no waste.

- Practice some sport; Well the gym or runnig as I do, it's free and you burn a lot of calories. Congratulations, you've found time for the sport!

- Finally you can buy foods and vegetables in the market, your family will thank you. When you are more veteran you will learn to buy fresh mixed with pre-frozen products so as not to waste so much time in the kitchen and have more time for you.

- Practice meditation 10 minutes a day, it will help you cope with the burden of the house and the colossal day of extra school children. Take care of this technique because in the long run it will become your maximum ally when you see that your husband does not see your face to the feet or grumbling about how tired you are.

- Look for those inescapable moments to be able to listen to yourself, something that your work stole from you.

Anything goes well to break the stereotype of the typical Housewife. Anyways I assure you that being an imperfect Housewife is the best thing that can happen to us in the bad, I hope to be able to help the new ones that have happened to perform it due to work situations.

If you manage your time well and dedicate it to yourself, you will know virtues that you did not know you had. I still have time to make my blog. I would not forget anything about your world. I would like to know your opinions.