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13 Surprising Things Your Dreams Reveal About You. Dreams can indicate different aspects of our personality and health.

13 Surprising Things Your Dreams Reveal About You
13 Surprising Things Your Dreams Reveal About You

Have you ever wondered what your dreams could mean? Then see what dream analysis can predict about your personality and your physical and emotional health.

1 . S and you are creative

Creative people are more likely to dream of unusual environments (instead of home or work) and obstacles in the natural world, such as a log or rock that they can't get around.

2 . Your political views

Those who describe themselves as conservative are more likely to experience worldly and realistic dreams, while more liberal ones dream of stranger things. Does this mean that liberals are more open-minded? Or that they are stuck in their own fantasies? You decide.

3. That your heart is in trouble

A study of older adults found that those who have nightmares are also more likely to suffer from arrhythmia or chest pain than those who do not have nightmares, perhaps because heart problems make it difficult to breathe at night.

4. If you are avoiding something

Do you dream that you are being chased by a stranger, a monster or a huge wave? This can indicate that you are afraid to face something in life when awake. So, ask yourself what problem, person or emotion you are running from.

5. How quickly do you recover from a divorce

Divorced people with longer, more dramatic dreams about the old relationship are more likely to adjust better to single life. Dreams can help divorcees (and others) to work out their trauma.

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6. How do you seek answers to big questions

Adults who attend church tend to remember dreams less than those who are not in the habit of attending services. If you don't use religion to answer life's big questions, then your dreams can become a source of ideas.

7. That you're a workaholic

The most stubborn personalities at work tend to report more disturbing dreams than the more relaxed people. The more demanding and fast-paced ones put more pressure on each other, and this stress can appear in dreams.

8. If you are going to score in the race

University students spent an hour learning how to orient themselves in a maze. Then, again tested after a nap, only those who dreamed of the maze did better. Dreaming can consolidate memories, which promotes learning and the ability to solve problems.

9. If you will quit smoking forever

One study found that the more an individual dreams of smoking - and the more he feels guilty about going back to smoking - the more likely he is to kick the habit altogether.

10. Your risk of having Parkinson's disease

Up to 90% of people who stage violent dreams - punch and kick and scream in their sleep - can end up developing Parkinson's disease. This type of behavior can indicate REM sleep behavior disorder, an early symptom of this disease.

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11. If you are depressed

Depressed people start dreaming long before others. For them, this can start about 45 minutes after falling asleep, instead of the usual ninety minutes.

12. That death may be near

The closer to death, the more likely you are to dream about loved ones who have passed away.

13. The medicines you are taking

Many drugs are known to cause nightmares, such as antidepressants, antibiotics, statins and some antihistamines.
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