5 Inspiring Stories to Bring Lightness to Your Day

5 inspiring stories to bring lightness to your day. Check out some stories that will rescue your faith in humanity.

5 Inspiring Stories to Bring Lightness to Your Day
5 Inspiring Stories to Bring Lightness to Your Day

We are living in difficult times.

Times when we need to equip ourselves with positivity, patience and a lot of courage. Remember that life is formed by cycles, and although some seem to last longer than others, in the end they all come to an end. And this time it will be no different.

To rescue a little the faith that we carry in our hearts, we brought you some inspiring stories that happened around the world. Stories of real people who transformed the reality around them, and with small attitudes managed to transform the world into a better place.

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1. Mobile library 


As an elementary school teacher in the interior of Italy, Antonio La Cava was concerned about the growing lack of interest of his young students in reading books. His answer was to turn a three-wheeled pickup into a mobile library.

Now 73, he spent almost 20 years driving his Bibliomotocarro to take books to children in the villages and remote communities of Basilicata, a region in the extreme south of Italy.

"I feared growing old in a country without readers," he says. "Without books, it is common for children to be lonely."

La Cava chose a Piaggio Ape truck for its humble and homemade associations and put a roof on it:

"Just seeing it to improve the mood," he says. "It gives the idea of ​​a haven, of relaxation, and that is what every book offers."

In addition to the library, La Cava also offers creative writing workshops and shows short films inspired by books, all based on his belief that books and culture, as he says, are “made by and for all, not only for some privileged ”.

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2. Insect-friendly German politicians


A German government minister has proposed legal protection from insects, as scientists warn that the sharp drop in the number of these important invertebrates threatens to cause a "collapse of nature". The new law would reduce the use of insecticides and guarantee money for research.

“We humans need insects. They deserve to be protected ”, says Svenja Schulze, Minister of the Environment.

In addition to a € 100 million “action plan” to protect insects, Germany would also limit light emissions at night so as not to disorient them and, by 2050, create new land use controls for roads or housing projects .

Worldwide, activists have highlighted the risk of falling numbers of insects with a vital role in pollinating plants and crops.

“We would not be protecting just beetles and bees, but, above all, ourselves,” says Schulze.

3. Carbon emissions fall in Europe


In the decade before 2015, carbon dioxide emissions increased by 2.2% worldwide. But 17 European countries in the group of 18 developed economies responsible for 28% of global emissions had a reduction in the same period. This drop was greatest in countries with firmer policies for renewable energy and energy efficiency.

"This is good news, but it is only the beginning," said Corinne Le Quéré. She is co-author of the study published in the journal Nature Climate Change .

4. Teen builds Lego robotic arm


David Aguilar has always loved Lego. Born without his right forearm due to a rare genetic disease, at just 9 years old he built himself a rudimentary artificial arm using the popular toy to assemble. "As a child, I feared being in front of other boys because it was different," he says, "but that didn't stop me from believing in my dreams."

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He grew up perfecting his prosthesis project and today, at the age of 19 and studying bioengineering at the university in Barcelona, ​​he designed a robotic arm with an electric motor - again, using Lego pieces.

David says his goal is to show that nothing is impossible. After university, he wants to create inexpensive robotic prostheses for those who need new members. "I would like to give you a prosthesis, even if it is free, so that they feel like normal people."

5. Narcissus appears in Pompeii


About 250 years after the ancient Roman city of Pompeii was found under volcanic ash, archaeologists are discovering new treasures. Among them is a well-preserved fresco by Narcissus in love with his own reflection.

The work was found in an “elegant and sensual” room in a family residence. "The extraordinary discoveries are still there," said Massimo Osanna, director of Parco Archeologico di Pompei.

Compiled by James Hadley.

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