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Do You Need to Leave the House? See How to Sanitize When You Return

Do you need to leave the house? See how to sanitize when you return.Check out these tips to avoid contamination through clothing and objects.

Do You Need to Leave the House? See How to Sanitize When You Return
Do You Need to Leave the House? See How to Sanitize When You Return

Unfortunately, not everyone can stay at home during quarantine. Healthcare professionals, some employees of private companies, merchants and many others need to leave for essential services to work.

In addition, at some point during this quarantine, you will also need to go to the street: to go to the supermarket, pharmacy, help a relative.

And when that happens some hygiene measures need to be taken.

First, it is very important that you wash your hands properly as soon as you arrive.

Remember to avoid placing your hands on your face, mouth and eyes as much as possible.

But essential care goes much further.

If you have been exposed, know that the virus can be present in clothing, shoes and accessories; if you have been in a contaminated location.

Therefore, it is necessary to take some precautions to eliminate this risk and not make people in our house sick. See the step by step below.

1. Take off your shoes

As soon as you get to the door, take off your shoes. If possible, leave them outside in the house or in the corridor of the apartment. Shoes can carry the virus inside.

2. Remove the clothes and separate them

The clothes you wore on the street need to be separated from the others as soon as you take them off. To make it easier, put them in a box or plastic bag and take them to wash immediately.

3. Clean the accessories

If you need to go out, avoid wearing a watch, rings, necklaces, glasses etc. All of these objects can be contaminated during their journey. If you forget or need to use them, remember to sanitize them as soon as you arrive. Use a paper towel moistened with 70% alcohol on all of them, including the cell phone!

4. Take a shower!

Nothing like soap and water to clean all the impurities from our body. And viruses are no different. So take a shower whenever you return from your appointment. This way you are eliminating any possibility of contamination.

5. Clean the packaging

Did you need to go to the supermarket? Before placing the bags on the table, do a thorough cleaning. In addition to the bags, the product packaging also needs to be cleaned before being placed in the cabinets; after all, they were within reach of countless hands on the shelves. For this, use a mixture of 1 liter of water for 20 ml of bleach. Spray on bags and packaging using gloves to protect yourself. Then, throw the gloves away and wash your hands.

6. Clean your pet's paws

If your puppy needs a walk, take the following precautions: before entering the house or the apartment, wash their paws well with soap and water. Also, keep it from rubbing on external surfaces as much as possible.

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