A Strong and Intelligent Woman Never Begs for The Love of A Man

Nobody deserves a half affection and to be someone’s option for when they are bored, never allow them to treat you as an option, have you not seen yourself in the mirror that you are a tremendous privilege?

A Strong and Intelligent Woman Never Begs for The Love of A Man

A strong and intelligent woman never begs for the love of a man , she does not shrink in order to fit into the world, heart and mind of that boy who does not know how to value her.

You are here to determine who you want to be with, who is the one that complements your happiness, but if whoever you laid eyes on is only seeing you as an adventure or does not even show you a bit of interest, then it is time to change direction, do not stay to beg him to realize what he has in front of him, a strong and intelligent woman never begs for the love of a man.

An intelligent and strong woman has already seen herself in the mirror, she has accepted how beautiful she is and how doubly charming she is inside, therefore she knows what she is worth and the beautiful love she has to offer, which she does not intend to waste with Whoever she is, she goes for what she really deserves, for a man who is not worth it, but who is worth all her joy.

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A strong and intelligent woman knows that she does not need to have a man by her side to be happy or just to not be called the “spinster”, rather she understands that she will only leave singleness when she finds the right man, the one whom she does not have to.
Ask him for nothing because he will give everything of his own free will, that the valuable person in front of him knows.

The one who is an intelligent girl does not allow a man to enter and leave her life as many times as he wants causing her emotional chaos and playing with her making her believe one day that it is her “almost something”, or it is her “forever” or not It’s nothing, she knows she doesn’t have to convince a boy to stay, if he wants to stay, go ahead, but if he wants to leave the doors are open.

Beg that guy love her? Never, she does not accept in her life someone who does not know what she wants, she may fall in love, but she also forgets it when all he wants is to confuse her, cause a storm, hurt her and then wait for her to apologize, he A man who loves her in his present and in his future will have to make an effort and show it.

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Who is strong and intelligent does not allow to be treated as a woman to use and to throw, as if it were trash, does not allow a second-hand love, does not allow a loving negotiation that will depend on the mood and how alone that subject feels, he will not be there guessing what place he occupies in the life of that man.

A strong and intelligent woman does not allow that man to take advantage of what she feels for him to give him power over her, on the contrary, she sets limits, accepts that she loves him, but if he hurts her, the first time he will leave, he will get him out of his mind. heart in any way and will not allow him the luxury of presuming that he is sad for him, he will raise his head and he will not crouch in front of anyone.

The woman who values ​​herself does not dedicate all the time in the world to someone who does not correspond to her, she does not give all her love to those who are only looking for an adventure, she gives what she receives and at any moment she leaves without saying anything else, she can love him too much, But she understands that she does not need him to live, she does not accept halves of attention and less of romance, just as she made him an important person for her, so she can also erase him from her mind and heart.