My Son's Hair Falls Out: Why Does It Happen?

If your child's hair falls out excessively, he may be suffering from some type of alopecia, and it can be caused by several causes. Learn about the main reasons that may be causing your child's hair loss.

Hair fall solution

Is your son's hair falling out ? Although at first you thought it was something unimportant, you have realized that this fall is out of the ordinary. The reality is that many children suffer from alopecia problems . Let's see what the causes that produce it may be .

Although it may seem something far from reality, many children can suffer from alopecia. We speak of infantile alopecia when a fairly visible imbalance appears between the hairs that are falling out and those that grow on the scalp . How do you begin to recognize it? Because the little one has several bald spots in different areas of the head.

It is normal for children to lose their hair every day , in fact, they can lose up to 150 hairs daily. However, these tend to regenerate quickly because this fall is physiological and completely natural. The problem comes when that fallen hair is not renewed , in this case it would be alopecia. Fortunately, it is a complication that in most cases can be treated without much difficulty.

Possible causes of childhood alopecia

The reality is that your child's hair may be falling out for several reasons:

Suffering from telogen effluvium , a hair disorder that, precisely, causes that, the loss of a good amount of hair . This condition can cause the little one to end up with certain bald spots on various parts of the head.

Also suffer from alopecia areata , which consists of a type of alopecia that causes the child to lose large amounts of his hair in specific areas of his head .

Another disorder related to this problem is trichotillomania , a common condition in young children in which they decide to pull out locks of hair themselves. It is more common in girls than in boys and is usually common between the ages of 10 and 13.

Due to the traction that the hair may be suffering due to certain hairstyles. The braids or "tails hair" can do much pressure, causing in some cases the fall of hair.

The presence of fungus  in the hair leather can be a trigger for hair loss in children. A complication that the latter case can have is that fungi can be transmitted to other people, so it is recommended not to share combs or any hair accessories.

What can we do?

The treatment to solve this problem will depend on the cause that is producing it , and of course, on the considerations made by the specialist . In general, the use of some specific shampoos that are responsible for slowing down the fall is usually recommended .

Something that is also important to take into account is the diet  that the child is eating . If we want to prevent the little one from losing his hair, the best we can do is make sure that he receives the nutrients he needs so that his hair is born and grows strong and has less chance of being weakened or damaged.