About Me

I am Pratibha Mod, I am a loyal wife, beautiful mother, caring daughter, Electronics Engineer and a proud Indian. I share here about my life and how is the life of other common middle class girls in India. From living under budget to expense like a queen, I share everything that I face in my life. 

This blog is the outcome of what I learnt in my life. I hope some of the tips would work for you as well. 

My life isn't perfect but I am trying to make it through learning and experiences. 

I have lived under tough time so I know how to survive and now living my life like a queen. So if you are having tough time in your life and little upset with your life than you can learn from my experiences.

I follow one thing in my life.

Do the same thing what you expect from others. Give love and spread love and it will return to you in other forms.

That is all.

Pratibha Mod